Clay Shards Bind Clay script (2004)



torn by conflicting doubts
made him a noiseless beck
his rufous skull [1]
ed elli avea del cul fatto trombetta [2]
I am the fire upon the altar,
I am the sacrificial butter [3]
identity is no secret
unsheathe your dagger
but the living mother
stagnant exaggeration of murder
with tingling energy
his own words to his son’s name
portals of discovery
and gained the world of men
by cock, she was to blame
she was not faithful to
coffined thoughts around me
weave and unweave his image
the unquiet father
shipwrecked in storms dire
mummed in names
her with grave husbandwords
belief in himself has been untimely killed
wounded him there where love lies
licking an old sore
loss is his gain
his beaver is up
the sea’s voice
when all the quick shall be dead already
naked wheatbellied sin [4]
a patient silhouette
upon her mesial groove [5]
love and its foul pleasures
a reek of lust and squalor
out of his own long pocket
deephid meanings in the depths of the buckbasket [6]
mingo, minxi, mictum, mingere [7]
the mobled queen [8]
exhausted whoredom groping for its god
a wand of wilding in his hand
he knows your old fellow
that followed his father’s death
disarmed of fatherhood
from only begetter to only begotten [9]
founded irremovably because founded
upon the void
upon incertitude, upon unlikelihood
are you condemned to do this?
sundered by a bodily shame so steadfast
am I a father?
shrunken uncertain hand
come, mess
that is my name
on a bend sable a spear argent
a firedrake rose at his birth
at midnight returning
seabedabbled, fallen, weltering
touched the foil
I am tired of my voice
you will say those names
the note of banishment
and drowns his book
to free his mind from his mind’s bondage
where he was born
sorrow for the dead is the only husband
the hangman god
ostler and butcher [10]
bawd and cuckhold
a wife unto himself
to scribble on a slip
unwed, unfancied, ware of wiles
they fingerponder nightly
help my unbelief
his laughing scribbling laughing
a shattering daylight of no thought
he spat blank
he stopped at the stairfoot
o, the night
seas between
thou art in peril
in a flaw of softness softly were blown
cease to strive
from wide earth
an altar

(texts extracted from Ulysses by James Joyce)



[1] Latin rufus red

[2] and he made a trumpet of his arse The line from Dante is the closing line of the twenty-first canto of the Inferno. It refers not to Satan but to another infernal demon Barbaricca, one of the Malabranche. Barbaricca is the leader of a troop of demons who escort Dante and Virgil through the fifth of the Malebolge that comprise the Eighth Circle of Hell. His fellow demons salute him by sticking out their tongues and he responds by farting.

[3] Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 10 I am the libation offered to ancestors, and the spices; I am the sacred formula and the fire; I am the food and the sacrificial butter

[4] “Eve, Naked wheatbellied sin”

[5] mesial: pertaining to the middle line of the body

[6] Indeed, the novel boldly foregrounds the difficulties of interpretation. Buckbasket: A basket in which clothes are carried to the wash.

[7] I urinate, I have urinated, urinated, to urinate.

[8] mobled (from Hamlet): being wrapped or muffled in or as if in a hood

[9] God is not like human beings, the Father is only begetter, and the Son (Jesus) only begotten.

[10] Ostler: A man employed to look after the horses of people staying at an inn.