Epistolary (sketch)

or An Engagement
Cf. Simenon (Monsieur Hire)

Begins with the scene mentioned by Bryars (Les Fiançailles) where Delphine Seyrig quietly reads a letter from Marie Curie to her dead husband Pierre.

And music underneath.

So it could be in 4 parts, 4 epistolary communications, read by an actor, starkly lit, alone on a stage.

Some kind of screen in the background somewhere, on which are projected (or keyed) images that somehow relate to the letter being read, or that counterpoint it somehow.

But each scene, each staging should be fairly different. Should be designed differently, specifically.

These texts should deal with varieties of love, sex, death, betrayal, guilt and their interpenetrations.
Eg. The letter Seyrig read (find it). Quinn bio of M Curie
One of BRMcL’s letters about sex.

Something Barthes-like, made into a letter. Piece from Evois section of Post Card.

Pedro/Amy emails (perhaps only one side of the correspondence).

4 sections:
what we know that we know
what we know that we don’t know
what we don’t know that we don’t know
what we don’t know that we know