Notes for a film proposal

process: procedure; series of actions or changes; the course or lapse of time; the photochemical process – to process the film or the image; the legal resonance – trial, to prosecute; a procession, to go forward. (Also the reference to Kafka, Der Prozess, and so to the various themes in Kafka’s work and life, esp. the problem of the father and unfulfilled love, desire.)
anthem: hymn – the connotation of the sacred and of mourning; the national anthem, thus the political; from the Bh antiphone, from which antiphony – alternate or responsive singing, and so a resonance toward exchange, communication (film-spectator, author-inspiration, life-death, etc.)

10 minute trial sequence – basic images, vocal sounds on general track, various repetitions/variations on theme, etc. Visually stark with massive image processing, optical and electronic, ends with video whiteout.
2-3 minute interval sequence – completely different images, colour, optical processing only. General track only, perhaps vocal but of different quality (child’s voice?) Shot on super 8? The shamanistic storehouse of images (archive).
3-4 min. repreise of first section. Minimal credits.

5 or 6 images in trial section. Black and white original. 4X and 7373, positive and negative. Optical alteration to primary colours. Electronic alternation – solarization, sabatier, posterization, etc. A few light colour super: flags, militaristic images, nudes? No static shots – all travelling. Brief and economical.

Video/film/video transfers, with and without telecine.
Use of variable framing techniques (eg. Phil’s 90 degree flip)

Central section: optically printed super 8 and 16.
Sam runs, water, pelican BW.

General track: cricket chirp loop overmixed with oscillator (slightly musical) gradual increase in intensity.
SFX: door slams, whip snaps, dragging, footsteps, gun shot.
Massively reverbed and distorted.
Possible use of digital sampler, synclavier, vocoder, etc.
Vocal: hard EQ, record with electronic larynx or vocoder. Use of various speeds. Reverb. Repetition.

Questions: what is your name?
do you understand the charges?
are you familiar with the details of this case?
have you reached your verdict?

execute the sentence.
execute the sentence.

shamanism (see previous grant application)
development of image production techniques (video)
development of thematic concerns (hieroglyphic cinema)****

Photo-collage exhibit with sound
Hoolboom’s black museum radio show.