untitled [Silk soft the thing he’s pent to say] (1997)


Silk soft the thing he’s pent to say
(So goes around again in measured limbic lay):
Cat come home shaky.
For love stay –
Wakey, wakey.

Cool heart, I’m not the one who fed
You rent mute eyes, the blank dumb fingers of the dead.
Where is bone milky?
On home head –
Silky, silky.

Wake joy will be her aim tonight;
Keening muffled, kenning mystic loom delight.
Mouse will love truly.
In bone bright –
Cooly, cooly.

Written soon after his move to Mobile, Alabama in 1997. Mike said he woke up from a dream in which the words had come to him.  He wasn’t entirely sure (or at all sure) what the poem was about.