What Talking Means screenplay (2006)


Man’s voice: silenzio

title: to point out

song: I never will go back to Alabama
that is not the place for me

title: spoken language
the model of the sign

song: I never will go back to Alabama
that is not the place for me

title: what is the signifying
substance, the substance
of expression?

Woman smoking: You should see what your eyes look like on the wall. Can you see? You’ve got these, these, projections of light going in. It looks like you’ve got, what do you call those…

Title: animated sound,
Phonic sound, the voice:
her talking

Woman smoking: …telescope things with glow worms in the middle of them or something. It’s weird. It’s kind of nifty actually.
I’m not full of hilarity.
Well, I don’t feel much like laughing.
It’s blocking when I swing on them.
(laughing) No. No.
Well, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you what I’m thinking.

Title: what space will have
meant is time

women: I don’t know if you’ll understand it, or if you do if you’ll like it.

Title: the visible has in common
with the sign that it
cannot be eaten

Title: but she can bite her
tongue, swallow her

Woman: (clears throat) Well.

Scene from Tarkovsky’s The Mirror
The Stutterer is put into a trance. The Stutterer proves he is cured by saying the phrase “I can speak” loudly and clearly.

What is your first name, your last name?
My name is Yuri Zhary.
Where did you come from?
I came from Kharkov.
What school do you go to?
I go to a technical school.
Now we’re going to have a seance. You just look at me. Look me in the eye. Look in front of you. Turn around, with your back to me. Concentrate on my hand. My hand is drawing your back. Spread your hands. Concentrate. All your tension is centered in your hands. Your hands are strained! Concentrate all of your will power, your big desire to win, on your hands.

(Mike’s superimposed title: a constant reference to
the concept of vibration,
of trembling)

Your hands are getting more and more tense. They’re very tense. Your fingers are tense. From here the tension passes on to your fingers.
Look at your hands. Yura, concentrate! On my count of three your hands will become immobile. One, two, three! Your hands don’t move. You can’t move them.

(Mike’s superimposed title: to stutter
a form of knowing)

You’re trying to move your hands, but they’re fixed. It’s very hard for you
to make a slightest movement. Now I’m going to lift this transfixion, and you’ll be able to speak freely, easily and articulately.

(Mike’s superimposed title: in a formalizing
bearing death)

From now on you will speak loudly and clearly. Look at me. I’m lifting the tension from your hands and your speech. One, two, three! Go ahead, say loudly and clearly: I can speak!
I can speak.

title: SILENCE
title: Patrons are requested to
refrain from talking
during the performance
so that your neighbor
will not be detracted from
enjoying the show.
Thank you
The Management

Man’s voice-over: “Silenzio.”

Image: woman smoking
Superimposed title: The Sphinx:
The symbol of
The symbolic itself

Title: silence

Title: what talking means